Sales Tools

Convert more visitors to members with a CRM system to manage and speed up your sales process.

Lead Management

Turn more leads and trials into members with better sales pipeline management.

Marketing Tools
Organize your new leads

As your fitness studio grows, it’ll become harder for you or your sales team to manage new leads.

Thankfully, we’ve developed a lead management system that organizes all that for you

Save time with better lead management

Do you waste time trying to find the answers to basic questions like; When did I last speak with that lead? Or which new leads are almost finished their trial?

Our lead management system will quickly answer those questions for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best; Engaging with your members and creating new workout programs.

No more spreadsheets

You’ll no longer have to juggle multiple spreadsheets. From the Glofox dashboard you can organize your sales pipeline and convert more leads into members.

Sales Tools

Targeting and Segmentation

Prioritize outreach, message specific groups and create automations to boost conversion.

Add filters to prioritze your leads

Not all leads are the same. Some have a higher potential than others. Knowing how to order them will allow you to prioritize them and in turn, convert them to members.

Glofoxs’ lead filtering capabilities is an easy-to-use system that allows you to segment your leads into exactly what you want to view. From here, you can decide what action to take.

How will this benefit me?

Well, you’ll be able to quickly see who came through your web portal and hasn’t been contacted yet.

Also, you can add filters to easily see who of your leads has booked in more than 3 times, for example.

Or, maybe you want to see who’s trial will expire in 1 week, has booked in more than 3 times and has not yet been contacted. Well, you can easily see that with lead filters.

Interaction Timeline

Easily see who you've talked to, what actions they've taken and how well engaged they are with your studio.

Member Experience Tools
Give your members personal attention

One of the best ways to convert your new leads into members, is to give them personal attention. But you also don’t want to overdo it. You want to make them feel valued without pressuring them. The Interaction Timeline allows you to see all the their history of interactions and tailor a personal follow-up message.

Get your trainers and staff involved

A lead interaction timeline will log how your trainers and staff interact with new leads. You can quickly see who they spoke with, what was discussed and when. From here, you can decide what action to take next, whether they need to be followed up with or maybe they've already agreed to buy a membership after their trial ends.

Know the customer journey

Having all this information logged will allow you to connect with potential new members and underdstand their fitness needs.

Knowing their journey this far, will help you to decide where they should go next!