Retention Tools

Gain critical insights into member activity and take early action to engage and retain at-risk members.

Automated Emails

Automatically deliver the right message to the right member at the right time.

Marketing Tools
Every action has a reaction

Show your members that you care by responding to their actions with an encouraging reaction. An easy way to do this is by setting up targeted messaging that triggers after a specific event.

Don’t let memberships expire

You can set up triggers so that an email is sent out to remind members that they need to renew before a specific date. Similarly, you can let your members know when they have used up all of their credits and encourage them to buy more.

Show your members you care

Maybe a member hasn’t booked a class in a while. Show them you care by sending them a friendly email prompting them to book in. Automated Emails are an easy way for you to stay engaged with members who may be on the verge of slipping off.

Sales Tools

Push Notifications

Keep your members informed and engaged by sending push notifications directly through the Member App.

Quick and easy messaging

Do you need to let waitlisted members know that they can join the class today? Or, maybe you just want to tell them that you’re looking forward to seeing them later! Push notifications are a useful way to get a message to your members quickly.

Membership and Activity Reports

Generate member reports using all available information so you can take action at scale.

Member Experience Tools
Know how your members are engaging with your plans

Memberships and Credit Packs are a key part of your fitness business. They are the very currency that your members use to attend your classes. So knowing how they’re performing is vital in making them a more viable avenue for growing your studio.

Stay ahead of expiring members

It’s a lot easier to have a conversation about renewing a membership than trying to contact a member who has already expired.

With Glofox reporting you can easily stay ahead and not let memberships expire without first engaging.

Engage with ‘At Risk’ members

It’s very important to give attention to those members that are not engaging. Members who book but don’t show up or cancel last minute. Not only are they taking up a spot for other members, but they are at risk of leaving. Having data on them will let you engage with them in the right way.