Management Tools

Easily organize your class schedules and memberships, process payments and keep track with powerful reporting.

Scheduling and Membership Management

Quickly set up and easily manage your class schedule and memberships.

Marketing Tools
Know your schedule

One of the most important areas of your fitness business that you need to be absolutely clear on is your schedule. What is happening today? What’s happening tomorrow? What members are booked in and with who?

A complete 360° view

Rather than dealing with spreadsheets and multiple calendars to find this information, the iFitmash Club Dashboard will give you a complete 360 view of what your schedule looks like. You can take a quick glance and get an overview or you can deep dive into dates and times.

Monitor from multiple devices

Every aspect of your scheduling can be monitored and updated either from laptop, tablet.

Sales Tools

Payment Processing

Accept payments from anywhere, benefit from transparent pricing and manage payments within the iFitMash Club platform.

Accurate and easy to use

When it comes to billing and payments, you need a solution that is both accurate and easy to manage.

People have made the decision to spend their money with your studio and you want to be able to offer them various payment options that are suited to their billing requirements.

Flexibility for your members

With iFitMash Payments solutions you get an intelligent payment system that can handle debit cards, credit cards, internet banking UPI and direct debits.

Your members can enjoy flexibility when it comes to how they make payments to your fitness studio.


Analyze your studio's performance in real time and take action based on better insights.

Member Experience Tools
Manage how your trainers are performing

When it comes to running your fitness business, you need to know how your trainers are performing. Who’s frequently booked up. Who’s not? With our Trainer Report you can get a holistic view on how each of your trainers are doing and make adjustments based on the data.

Manage how your classes are performing

The classes you offer are at the very pulse of your business. You need to know how they are performing by looking at the data around attendance and bookings. We offer detailed reporting capabilities that let you quickly see how each class is doing and on what dates/ times.

Split up categories of classes or memberships to ensure that new website visitors are only ever one click away from becoming paying members. The flexibility is powerful.

Manage the transactions coming in and out of your business

It’s important to know how money is moving through your business. You can easily break down every transaction made over a specific timeframe. No need for spreadsheets, all this is easily viewed and managed on our user friendly dashboard.