The Diet

Monday A1 High Carb All Day 4500 total calories
Tuesday A2 High Carb Half Day (till 4)
Wednesday B1 Med Carb Only 1st Meal
Thursday A1 High Carb All Day 4500 total calories
Friday A1 High Carb All Day 4500 total calories
Saturday A2 High Carb Half Day (till 4)
Sunday B2 Low Carb Rest green veggies-only carbs

The reasons for having high carb days are to:

  • Provide your body with adequate energy
  • Replenish glycogen post-workout
  • Stimulate an insulin response to get nutrients to your muscles
  • improve insulin sensitivity
  • increase fat burning
  • increase muscle gains
  • achieve muscle balance

Meanwhile, medium and low carb days are used to:

  • Encourage fat loss by using fat calories as fuel
  • Make your body more receptive to insulin
  • In turn, insulin receptivity promotes a muscle building response

So, for the Wolverine Diet(6 meals a day):

  • Eat high carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal) along with protein on heavy weight days.
  • Cycle carbs the next day by eating sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, but only until 4pm.
  • Focus more on healthy fats (almonds, seeds, avocados) on days where you’re doing low-intensity cardio (Wednesday and Sunday, if you follow The Wolverine Workout to the tee).
  • Not the fun calories. Chicken, fish, maybe steak, always protein six times a day. Protein, steamed vegetables, and occasionally some brown rice.